Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Interest a Reader

I never had to think up amazing ways to get Ginger interested in reading.  She wanted to learn at 3 and so we just taught her.  We used some videos, some games that I made and we read to her.  She seemed to pick it up quickly.

Sugar, on the other hand, tells me she doesn't like books.  This makes my heart break.  I am a writer at heart and I LOVE to read.  I can read a 600 page novel in under 24 hours, if the writing is good. I belong to and help run a book club for some of my best mommy friends.  We read 1 book a month of the hostess' choosing.  I used to have enough books to fill an entire guest room.  When I read, I get sucked in, I frequently have to stand up and shake off the book world when I and finished with a reading spell.  I have to try very hard not to stay in the book once I put it down.

I LOVE BOOKS.  We try to read a chapter of a semi grown up book every night before bed, not only because it calms us a little, but because I want to share worlds with them.

Sugar makes me feel sad.  I want her to love books as much as I do.  Ginger doesn't LOVE books yet, but she can read and sometimes she surprises me and will sit for a bit with her own book while I have mine.

Today, I had each of the girls make their own books.  Ginger used a lot of words, because she can, and illustrated it.  Sugar made a few words, and lots of illustrations.  I am not sure yet if it made an impact on Sugar wanting to learn to read yet or not, but it's a step in the right direction.  I hope that when DH gets home, they are excited to show him what they wrote and read it to him.

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Dynila said...

Let me know if you find a magic bullet for this. J reads about a grade and a half ahead of where she is in school, but doesn't read for fun unless it's a comic book. Kills me a little inside that she has the ability but not the desire...