Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Menu Planning

I am a list maker.  I make lists.  I make lists of lists.  One of my lists is our menu plan.  I used to do it once a week and get 4 opinions for the weekly meals.  It worked great, so I got more adventurous.

I now make a month long menu plan.  Don't worry.  It is not as complicated as it sounds.  Fridays are Mexican Nights and Wednesday are Pasta Nights.  Tuesday are relegated to leftover.  Thursdays, however, are the best EVER!

Thursday Nights are Ginger's Choice.  She picks a recipe out of one of her cook books. Together we make sure she has everything she needs.  (We try to do this a week in advance.) She cooks it, getting help if she needs/wants it.  She cleans up her mess.  Thursday night is by far my FAVORITE night of the week.

I love having a 6 year old!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Geek Seasoning

I have a science degree. Knowing this, the rest won't come as such a shock.

I recently found recordings of science songs by Tom Glazer.  The quality is tinny, due to the originals being from the 50s and 60s and on LPs.  That is a RECORD, for those of you younger than me.

They Might Be Giants remade a few on their Here Comes Science album and I found them... meh. The kids didn't enjoy them much at all.  (TMBG just couldn't pass Barenaked Ladies - Snacktime in our charts.)

But play a few of the original Tom Glazers and they are captivated.  Maybe it's the clearly audible fuzz in the recording.  Maybe it's the hypnotic radio voice.  Maybe it's the skill of the rhyme, or the awesome beat.

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
A gigantic nuclear furnace
Where hydrogen is built into helium
At a temperature of millions of degrees

Alright, it is not really, and TMBG remade the song to reflect a more accurate science, but the newer words aren't as good for earworms.  

The sun is a miasma of incandescent plasma 
The sun's not simply made out of gas.  No, no, no 
The sun is a quagmire. It's not made of fire 
Forget what you've been told in the past 

I can totally sleep without that one in my head.  But Tom Glazer's... I'll be singing it or one of his other 88 songs for the rest of my life and my kids will learn something useful, if not a little dated. 

I LOVE YOU, MR. GLAZER!  You've helped make my cookies a little more geeky.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6th Birthday

Ginger recently started reading chapter books.  She's been reading the Rainbow Magic Fairies collection. I started out reading it aloud to her.  Before the end of that book, she was reading it to herself.  !!!!!

I'm a book lover. I love paper books, cookbooks, audiobooks, ebooks.  I don't care what form it is in, I LOVE stories.  So, of course, when Ginger started showing an interest in this next level of book, I went crazy.  For her 6th birthday I bought her almost 50 new books in this series.  Yes, I went overboard.  I couldn't help it.  It's books!  She's reading!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thumb Sucking

Ginger was never a thumb sucker.  At least not that I can remember.  I nursed her until 15 months or so and then weened her when she was able to use her words and ask for it.  Walking through Target while your child uses her own words for breast feeding is not ideal.

Sugar, on the other hand, is almost 4 and we are doing well in our battle against thumb sucking, but we still catch her sometimes. (She accidentally weened at 8 months. I was sad but it was her choice.)

At 3, the dentist said... work on getting her to stop.  At 3.5, he said it again.  I read all the advice I could find on the internet. Don't do this, do do that.  Whatever, none of that worked.  I was against the nasty tasting stuff that you paint on the nails at first.  I was still against it when I bought some and tried it out on my own fingers.  Do you know how often we put our nails close to our mouths and lips... A LOT.  Try it, you'll be amazed and you are old enough to know better.

One day Sugar and I discussed it and she wanted to try it, so we did.  She thought it was yucky.  No more thumb sucking for a little while until it wore off.  (supposed to reapply it often, but we don't.)  Next time she put her thumb in her mouth I asked if she wanted the yucky stuff.  Of course, she said no.  I always ask and sometimes she says no and sometimes she says yes.  When she says yes, we put it on and she stops for a while.

She no longer sucks her thumb.  Sometimes I catch her with a different finger in her mouth. (Smaller, so triumph!)  I think it's been nearly a month this time since we put the nastiness on her nails.

Go, Sugar.  You are growing up by your own choices!