Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sick Days

We had to take all last week off from our normal schedule.  No School.  No Park.  No leaving the house really.  It was not fun at all.

Ginger went down with what I thought was allergies earlier in the week.  She developed a cough the next day, which isn't a big deal for her, because she's prone to asthma-like symptoms and a cough is just par for the course.  Day 3, Ginger gets a fever and stays in bed watching movies on an ancient laptop that luckily still worked for our purpose.  She dosed on and off all morning while Sugar was quiet and subdued on the couch. (No big deal, probably just a cold/infection.)

Afternoon, day 3, both have fevers both are watching movies in separate rooms.  Since Sugar didn't have the respiratory symptoms, I figured the little one definitely had flu.  :(  Her fever spikes faster and stayed higher.  She had a couple of luke warm baths because the tylenol didn't do it's job on my time frame. Day 4, fevers and exhaustion.  Day 5, exhaustion, even me.

I'd like to thank the heavens, DH and I stayed healthy through this.  I owe this in part to the awesome Spring weather we are having locally, my windows stayed open during the germ fest and fresh air made me not so claustrophobic.  I am not good at being still.  Today is the first day both girls have been back to previous energy levels.  

Being forced to take a whole week off is hard.  Groceries did not get bought, dinner was hit and miss with the little ones not feeling like eating, no one had the energy to do much of anything.

The one thing I am glad for it that school does not suffer when we are forced to miss a week.  We school year round at each girls' pace.  We take mental health days and still managed to get in more than the required 180 days of school.

But today it was back to work, we shuffled our schedule a bit because Sugar is just not ready for math on Monday mornings.  I think we enjoyed our new line up and I know we enjoyed having something to do.

A week of being sick is BORING!

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