Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Economics of Trip Planning

The girls are raising money for a special summer trip that they are planning.  So far they have undertaken 3 endeavors.  They attempted to sell lemonade at our garage sale earlier this month.  They made $2.25.  No, they did not sell 9 cups of lemonade.  It was chilly and their was hardly any traffic this time.  They sold 1 cup of lemonade for $0.25 and a second cup for $2.00.  They are quite cute and a nice older lady didn't resist.

They have also been baking and sending brownies, and cookies to work with their Nana.  They have made $65.65.  At $0.50 an item, they have sold 131 baked treats.

Their third endeavor has been an online art gallery.  They had sold 1 painting so far and a promise to sell at least 2 more before their trip.  They are also thinking about having a gallery show for the family. complete with finger snacks and juice in fluted glasses.

They are doing quite a good job and while they will not be able to raise the money for the entire trip, they are well on their way to raising money for several excursions while away.

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