Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From Child to Kid in 60 seconds

This last week my oldest, Ginger, had a chance to show a compassionate side of herself.

Both Ginger and Sugar are used to my mother-in-law coming over twice a week.  They depend on it and they are both young enough that they don't do well when standing plans change.  Or so I thought.

We received a note that Nana needed to skip the playdate at our house and go check on her dad, who had fallen the day before.  When I told Ginger I was not really expecting anything that came next.  I was thinking she would be sad and disappointed.

Ginger was distraught.  She started to cry immediately.  I thought it was baby tears about Nana not coming over.  I was still expecting selfish child traits in my 6 year old.  I was pleasantly surprised.  She told me she was sad about Nana not coming over, but she was also sad because her Great Grandpa got hurt.

My children are lucky enough to have great grandparents that they will be able to remember when they grow up.  I remember 2 of mine, but just barely.  I don't think my younger sister remembers any.

Anyway, Ginger and I talked about the fact that the older you are the harder it is to heal and sometimes it either takes a really long time or it doesn't heal at all.  (I'm just being practical.  Some day someone in their lives is going to pass and I want a solid foundation for celebrating a life, not mourning a loss.)  They have seen their Great Grandma in the hospital and Great Grandpa not being as spry as he used to be.

Tangents aside. my little girl decided that Nana SHOULD go see her dad but wanted her to stop by our house on her way and pick up some feel better soon cards.

I was so proud.  We wiped away our tears and got out the card making supplies.  That night, instead of playing hard with Nana we celebrated with family night, free pizza and ice cream.

But don't you worry, Sugar is still in the selfish I'd rather have Nana come play stage, so I still have some baby time left.  :P

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