Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grocery Store Parade

Sometimes I get "looks" when my family goes to the grocery store.  The looks vary, between, "Wow, I wish I had thought of that," and "omg, get out of the way already."

But as much as people might not get it right away, our way works for us.

2 Parents, 2 kids, 2 buggies.  That is right, we grocery shop parade style.  We use the small buggies that the girls are tall enough to push and see in front of so they don't run over strangers.  1 parent per buggy, per child.  The girls take turns getting the item we need off the shelf and putting it in their buggy.  If I forget an item 2 rows back, I send 1 kid and her dad back for it.

We used to have 2 bored children on grocery days and most everyone knows that bored children are not well behaved children.  We started using the carts with steering wheels, but they are so rare we would have tears if we couldn't find one.  Then the store got small carts and the new plan was born.

This is a good as it gets until Ginger starts driving and I can send her to the store in my absence.  Ah, the joy of teenagers.


Anonymous said...

Don't count too much on the Ginger thing. Apparently driving isn't all that interesting to teens anymore. Not just mine, but statistically even.

Jennifer Moore said...

That had better change in the next 10 yrs! :)