Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The girls take gymnastics.  Sugar started in June.  Ginger has been going for almost a year.  This is our first Olympic Season with the gym and I was happily surprised that they get the kids excited about it.

Parents usually are not allowed in the gym, but they did an Olympics Showcase and we were invited to come watch and take photos and enjoy the feats our girls and boys can now accomplish.

We started watching parts of the real Olympics with them at home.  We focus on the gymnastic events because they can compare what they do to what those athletes do.  We see the stick-its and the little hops that take away points.  We see them fall and get right back up.  We see them NOT give up.  We see their straight legs and their presentations.  We see their focus.  We talk about their determination and their accomplishments.

We are inspired by their drive and their skill and we want to do better at our own skills.  We watch great athletes and we are inspired to be great.  I promise I will cheer the loudest for both of my girls each and every time and I will cheer for your girls and boys too, because every kid needs a cheering section.

You can do anything you put your mind to.  

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