Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden Score

We have had some gains and some losses.

These we lost last summer during the drought.  I trimmed them back this year.  I will probably have to remove them and replant with something more tolerant next year.

The girls' carrots are doing good.  We are just waiting for them to be a nickel in diameter at the soil level before pulling.

We get a nice Morning Glory bloom every few days or so.

No Bachelor Buttons. :(

Humungous Sunflowers.  The tall fellow is putting out his seeds.  The girls LOVED this.  This was their major accomplishment.  The pot in the background is empty and they were disappointed that no Blue Bonnets grew.

The birds have loved my tasty tomatoes.  At least I think they were tasty, I haven't gotten one yet.  At least the mockingbirds are happy.

We have done good with cucumbers.  These are #3, #4, and #5.  

My Boxwood Basil did not meet expectations.

I love onions on the window sill.

And this is the first indoor plant I have kept alive.  It is almost 2 years old.

I have used fresh rosemary in many recipes.  Last week I put it in all 3 dishes.  Chicken, potatoes and bread.  It is delightful and I have a lot drying for future use.

I wish I still had zucchini, and I wish I had a couple of tomatoes, but bunnies and birds have to eat too, I guess.

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