Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crafting with Kids

I might be a little high strung but my stress level soars when it comes to crafting with the girls.  My sister can do it.  Most teachers can do it.  I get twitchy.  Turrets twitchy.

We made birthday cards for several family members recently.  We collected our art boxes (markers, crayons, glue sticks, scissors.)  I gathered the shaped hole punches and scrap paper.  I even got out the name stamps that my sister hand carved and the ink pads.  Then I promptly wished that no one had birthdays ever again.

The girls hole punched and glued, and scribbled and folded and stamped and I had to walk away because I was internally neurotic.

OH MY GOODNESS the possible mess.  The ink all over the floor, the glue stick in the hair, the marker all the way up their arms and the teeny scraps of paper everywhere.  I know all this can be cleaned, most of it very easily, with tools even, but I still go nuts thinking about it.

The girls, 6 and 4, did not make a mess.  There is marker on hands, but isn't there always.  There is a name stamped on the table, but it is the kids table and will probably wash right off.  There is maybe 3 tiny scraps of paper on the floor, nothing the vacuum cleaner can't make quick work of.

Why do I get neurotic and twitchy?  Maybe next time I decide to do crafting time with the girls, I should consider medicating.

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