Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tiny Tails To You (Traveling Petting Zoo)

I am melting.  Texas right now is bloody hot.  The sun in Texas is 4 times as hot as the Mississippi sun I grew up with.  Texas has fewer shade trees and I am generally miserable.  I look for fun indoor activities so we don't feel cooped up.  We recently went to an indoor petting zoo playdate and had a blast.

The turtle was nice.  It had great textures and was slow and friendly.

Ginger said the guinea pig was too heavy.  It was chunky compared to the other animals we cuddled.

Omg, the bunnies.  That blurry flappy thing at the top is a chick.  The chicks were all over the place, brave as they could be.  

Sugar's FAVORITE!  This bunny would have happily come home with her too.

Ginger liked the smaller bunnies the best.

All 3 smaller bunnies.

More daredevil chicks and this duck/goose.  After the hour we were with the petting zoo, I don't think this baby duck/goose will make it too long in life.  Not only was it awkward on it's little legs, falling off of little laps, but it was the most dropped of all the animals. 

Sugar did not like holding this bearded dragon.  It reached out to hold on to her shirt and she jumped a bit.  We did pet it though.

This blur is a chinchilla.  The girls were not impressed with how soft it was, they had bunnies.  At one point this smart creature put itself back in it's cage.  I think it was protecting itself from all the little feet and hands.  Plus it might have seen the duck/goose get dropped a couple of times.

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