Wednesday, May 2, 2012

By Your Birthdays Combined...

I absolutely LOVE my girls.

I screwed up a little on the delivery for Sugar.  She arrived much faster than I anticipated.  It took me a very long time to get pregnant with Ginger and I was expecting the same with the second.  No way, I had no trouble at all getting pregnant the second time.  Why does this matter?  The girls are EXACTLY 2 years and 2 months apart.  Every year, I blow all my cool mom birthday planning on child #1 (Ginger) and then child #2 (Sugar) gets jipped.

I try every year to not let this happen, but I am a BIG planner.  I plan for a month at least.  After the planning is the big day, all the loud children, the big mess, the toys everywhere.  It is enough to make me hate birthdays for the next 4 months.  Poor Sugar falls right in the middle of this hatred.

I vowed, this year will be different!  I do that every year, but I think I actually followed through this time.

Ginger got to be Queen for the Day on her actual birthday in exchange for allowing me to plan and throw  1 party for both of them right smack in the middle of their birthdays.  SHE SAID YES!  I started jumping up and down and let her go queen crazy on her special day.

The combined party went wonderfully.  I screwed up and planned it for the same weekend our friends' twins have their birthday, so I still have things to work out in the process.  But besides that it was glorious.

Pump It up took my money, happily, and provided a fun, bouncy environment for the 13 or so kiddos we invited. They kept us on a schedule, they set out the food, they made the kids follow the rules, they cleaned up the mess.  The girl in our party room even wrote down a list of who gave what.  I know!!!!  All for the low, low, low price of one car payment.  You know what? I would GLADLY do it again next year and I think the mister is on board, since he didn't have me acting like a crazy lady before or after.

Now if only I could get the girls to write those thank you notes.  :)

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