Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo shoots with kids

I don't really go in for posed photographs.  I dont like the fake smiles and the uncomfortable looking lines of the arms and legs.  The awkward too close to the other person or knee to the back.  Ugh.  And then making sure everyone is happy and no one has a bad attitude. Horrible. Especially when rushed through in 15 mins or less start to finish.

As a family, we have done the portrait studios mainly for the grandparents and great grandparents. It is excellent and cost effective for a large amount of give away photos.  (Photos that I don't really care for.)

This year both kids were old enough to listen to the girl directing them.  They were even old enough to figure out what she meant.  

My girls thrive on silly, so the photographer this year managed to get mostly real smiles.  The appointment was at an awkward time for us.  Right before lunch and well after the happy time. (My kids are mornng people.) But the girl doing the photographing managed to keep the children giggling from the beginning to the end.

Color me impressed.  But I still prefer catching the kids in those candid moments when they have no idea I am watching them.  A photo of a child concentrating with their tongue just peeking through their lips? Priceless.

Or this:

The photo is courtesy of Lee Etherton who randomly stopped us at Ren Fair and asked to take a picture of Ginger.  This is not a fake smile or posed by anyone.  This is pure Ginger and I love it.

Then there is this:

Hey, Sugar, smile! For a whole year we would tell Sugar to smile just to get this face.  

JCPenny's Portrait studio would never be able to capture the personality in these wonderful shots. Luckily, they don't have to because I have at least 5 gigs of real life photos per year of kids. (I already ran out of space on 1 hard drive, so my tech guy had to buy me an external. I may have a photo taking obsession.)

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