Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Transplanting the Garden

We transplanted the garden to the large 4ft x 4ft x 16in raised bed that my husband and I made. (Mostly me, but I needed his brawn.)

The girls helped layer the newsprint and cardboard to keep the weeds from going up.  They helped me mix the compost and peat moss and sprayed me down repeatedly trying to get the soil moist.  

Most of what we are growing is supposed to do well with tomato cages, so it looks an awful lot like… well, I don't have words for it, which is strange, I LOVE words.

We planted the zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes.  We promptly lost a zucchini, a cucumber and a tomato to some kind of burrowing animal. The beast hasn't come back and it had better not.  I have a feeling it was a despicable cat. Chili powder is supposed to keep out rabbits, maybe it will banish the cat as well. 

Last year my cucumbers got aphids.  This year I planted green onions between plants to keep them out.  I have hopes for crops this year, not just crop.

The girls wanted flowers so we planted petunias.

We also planted several flower seeds.
Sunflowers and Bluebonnets

Morning Glories

Bachelor Buttons

My herbs:
Rosemary, year 2

Boxwood Basil

Chives and Garlic (?)

I don't remember what is in that last pot.  The chive is the middle one, the thing to the top right is probably a garlic.)

This is a lettuce from my farm delivery.  I was surprised it was doing so well.

The peppers and eggplant will finish out the raised bed.  I still have to plant the carrots and romaine lettuce.  I don't know where they will go yet.  The herbs will end up in cans.  I have aspirations of hanging them from the pergola.

I am ready for fresh salsa and vegetables! 

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