Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Husband and I have a pretty good schedule going right now.  It took us a while to get it together, but we love it.

He gets one day to go out with his friends and do geek boy stuff.
We take a yoga class together once a week while his mom plays with the girls.
His karate day used to line up with me doing whatever while his mom watches the kids.  Now it has become a date night of sorts.
Once a month I have book club.
Twice a month I have the option of going to an MNO scheduled through my mommy group. (We usually go out the eat and vent about the topic du jour.)

We have started trying to add a KNO to this schedule, once a month.  My kids spend almost all of their time around an adult family member.  Sugar has a little preschool she goes to and Ginger takes a gymnastics class, but besides that they are around one of the same 5 adults, aka referees.  I felt like the girls need to go out sometimes and follow other peoples rules and play with other kids in a safe and fun environment.  Mainly, they need to play in the same space, just not with each other.  Ginger can be bossy and Sugar can be resentful.  They need an occasional night to stay up way past bedtime (which I almost never allow) and a chance to run and jump and bounce on things that are not my furniture.

Which is better?  I would NEVER give up my time with my mommy friends, but honesty, I think the kids night out is better for the girls.  They of course have more fun, but it allows them to break mommy's rules without getting into trouble, since mommy's rules don't pertain to KNO.

We all need a break from the rules sometimes.  That way, the next day the rules don't seem so constricting.  Plus, we love our sister more when we get a break from her!

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