Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Height Check

Back in April, at Sugar's yearly check-up, the pediatrician told me she was not growing like normal kids grow.  Her percentile was dropping much faster that normal children.  Yes, normal children.  I was not really phased at the time.  I asked if it was because of her self-restrictive diet, the doctor said it was unlikely.  I just took in the info and walked away and we made an appointment for 3 more months just in case it was as simple of her check-ups being just before growth spurts.  

I told her daddy.  I did not tell my mom.  I just was not that worried about it.  Kevin and I joke about it.  It bothered me only a little because you have to be 48 inches tall to ride Space Mountain at Disney World and we are patiently waiting on Sugar to catch up to that arbitrary height so that we can make this generations pilgrimage with the entire family in tow.  

So, I pulled out all the little pieces of paper I get at the pediatricians office and let my geek flow freely.  I graphed both girls heights.  Yes, I did.  I used my excel skills from my career days and made a line graph to show me at least a snip it of what the doctors chart showed.

I feel much better.  Sugar is shorter than Ginger at every turn, but not by much.  I do see where Sugar's line could be in danger of breaking off of its trend, but it is too early to tell.  Overall, I am glad I did not let the doctor worry me and I am glad I had the skills to calm myself.  I still wish Sugar would shoot up on her next growth spurt, mainly so I can take both the girls to Disney World and not be stuck in Kiddie Park Hell.  I'm sure you are all pulling for me.  

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