Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Birds

We found a bird's nest in our grill when we went to use it last.  I guess we had been neglecting our grill and so a pair of cardinals decided to move in.  Each girl has a bird feeder on their window and Sugar has been watching the mommy eat, while Ginger has been observing the daddy. I should have expected to find eggs, but it was a shock when we opened it up and found this nest with about 6 eggs.

It is grilling season and forgive me for doing it, but I moved the nest, very gently, so that we could continue on with our meal plan.

I found a safe spot, not as sheltered as the inside of my grill.  The next day, after the grill had cooled off, I moved the nest back to the grill and asked mother nature to make sure the pair of cardinals kept looking after their babies.

I kept an eye out for them and watched them happily sing in the tree just over our neighbors fence.  3 days later the neighbors cut down the tree.  It was sad.  Yes, the tree was a volunteer and it was in an awkward location, but it was a part of nature and shelter to a couple of parents and I hurt for the loss.  

I haven't seen the pair but we have a couple of other volunteer trees on different fence lines and I hope they keep coming back for their babies. 

Since cardinal eggs hatch in 10-13 days, I guess we will just wait and see and remember that nature can take care of her own if we just get out of her way, and STOP chopping down her trees and using our grills.

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