Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They Get it!

A friend asked, "they share the same doll?"

She seemed amazed. I guess honestly I was amazed too, but I didn't really see it from an outsider's perspective until this friend's jaw dropped.

Ginger and Sugar have too many toys. Some of them are duplicates because, well you know why. That horrible 's' word that we all try for and never really think will happen. I talk about sharing and beg them to share and show them how until I turn blue and need to take a deep breath. Then I take the offending toy away and tell them to go play something that they can share. They do.

Hours, sometimes days later I give them the toy back. More blue faced mom. More toys on a shelf.

This week my children have been time sharing a certain 12 inch doll. Yes, folks, my kids got it. "We have to SHARE if we want to keep this toy."  So I hear, "you can play with this for 10 mins, then it will be my turn, kay?" "O.k."

This might be a fluke. This might never happen again. Now, though, I know they can do it, so I'm not giving up. I have seen that they do hear my overused words and get that there are things you do to keep mommy happy.  Persistance pays off and I love that!

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