Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bored: Just add Kids!

Some things are just more fun with children.  Swingsets, disney movies, spelling.  Even exercising is more fun with the kiddos.

Husband has been doing very basic exercises for about 2 months or so. He starts with sit-ups and push-ups.  Then does squats and jumping jacks.  He does them EVERY morning.  I try but don't.  He also does about 5 times more of each than I can.

But on the weekends, we do them as a family.  I do my sit-ups while laughing at Sugar (4) which makes them harder and more useful.  I do my push-ups mostly on an wall for now. (My upper body strength needs A LOT of work.) My 4 year old is on the wall under me, so she bumps her head on my abs if she goes too slow.  We do squats as partners.  Husband and Ginger (6) are paired, for height and commitment reasons.  I get stuck giggling with Sugar. (I actually think I get the better deal.)

Jumping jacks are done as a group and it is hard to keep count when watching the younger two.  Sugar is not at all coordinated and looks like a flailing, bird first out of the nest.

Now, as much fun as the giggling is, it is equally as sad when my 6 year old does more of everything than I do.  Sugar counts wrong, cheater. Ginger just has way more energy than I do, plus she weighs much less and has fewer years on her.

Do you detest physical exertion?  Grab a kid and try again.  I promise you will laugh.  PS.. The younger they are, the more you will laugh.

The very act of laughing is good for you, so go!

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