Wednesday, November 14, 2012

+10 to All Hide Checks

I have a love/hate thing going on with this Creative Playscape at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown.  

I love the theory of kids playing in a labyrinth of castle walls and towers.
I love that most of it is shaded.
I love that it is taken care of and we don't come home with splinters.
I love that it has a fence around it with only 2 exits.

I hate that I have to get in there to find my kids.  I prefer to be able to glance over and see them.  Ginger was in a neon green skirt last time, so it was easier to see her.  Sugar was in muted colors so of course I could never find her.  I should have dressed them both in bright neons or at least Sugar, who at 4, is just a tad bit too young to roam free.

Since that is my only hate, I guess I just need to mom up and remember to dress them like highlighters.

(ps.. I apologize if your kids face appears in this photo.  I try not to post pictures of other people's kids and I just assumed no one was able to see anything in this like I was in real life.)

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