Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Room Cleaning and Donating

Often I get tired of the state of my children's rooms.  Just today, I took every toy that Sugar owned that was not in the right place and piled it in the middle of her room.  Ginger and I then helped her sort things to their correct homes. The entire time I stressed that she didn't have to keep it if it was too hard to put away after it was played with.  We made a donation pile for things that she no longer wanted and a trash pile of things that didn't rate high enough for a home.

I have done this on several occasions. My children know what is expected of them and have gotten much better about putting things in their homes.  They still are not 100% accurate and things clutter the closet floor like normal.  But when Ginger sees me gut Sugar's room like we did today she takes it upon herself to straighten up at least a little more.

Ginger has been warned that her room is coming soon.

My children also are used to purging their stuff to make room for incoming holiday gifts.  We talk about who might get the stuff they no longer want and how it is time they let someone else love their dolls and toys for a while.

When I told the girls to come help in Sugar's room, Ginger said, "Oh, yeah, it is time we do this again.  It is almost Christmas."  So we did.  I was unaware it had so easily become a tradition.  I was also pleasantly surprised when it only took 15 mins.

Now one of their rooms is clean enough for cartwheels.  (Ginger tested it out for me. Repeatedly)

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