Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One a Day!

We have started a one subject a day school this summer.  Obviously, we don't take the summer off.  We've actually managed to get more done when we concentrate on only one subject at a time.

School starts at 9 am each weekday.  Each day has a subject that both of the girls work on.  History and Science are the same and we work as a group.  Math is leveled differently, but we still all sit down together, my attention divided.  The only days I am having trouble with is the day I do Spelling with Ginger.  I'm slowly trying to figure out how to entertain Sugar since Spelling is NOT something a student can do by herself. 

We have been working on this schedule since mid-May and we are fully in the swing of it.  

1) Prep time is easier on me.  I usually have stuff ready and printed at least 8 lessons in the future for any given subject.  I just pull out what I need for a day and we work on it.
2) The girls know what is expected of them.  Tuesday is History and they know and therefore feel in control.
3) We finish a lesson every day.  Sometimes Math gets carried over because there is just a lot of it.

Cons: (If you can even consider them cons.)
1) Everyday at 8:30 the girls start asking about school that day.  
2) Yeah, I tried to come up with some, but I have none.  I really like one subject a day school!

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